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S'gor PAS Commissioner : "I Want To Fulfill My Duties To The People"

Azreen Hani Malaysian Reserve Monday, June 1, 2015. Selangor Pas Commissioner Datuk Iskandar Abdul Samad's name may be well remembered as someone who was in the running to be the state's Mentri Besar, following the resignation of Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim last year, and recently this low profile leader is back in the limelight when he is contesting for the vice presidency post in the upcoming PAS election. Iskandar's nomination from PAS to replace Abdul Khalid last year came as a surprise many mainly due to his preference to speak out only on work related issues and avoiding unnecessary publicity while continuously focusing in improving the people's welfare. Speaking to The Malaysian Reserve in an exclusive interview recently, Iskandar seemed unruffled with the various issues surrounding his party and the Pakatan Rakyat coalition and was calm when speaking about the vice presidency post he is vying for in the coming party election. "Actually I am not e

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