Monday, February 27, 2012

New U-turns to ease traffic snarls at MRR2.

AMPANG JAYA: Authorities are hopeful new U-turns at Sungai Kerayong and Tesco Ampang will reduce peak hour crawls at the Middle Ring Road2 (MMR2).

"Motorists will only be allowed to make U-turns at these locations. It will help reduce traffic congestion during rush hour," said Cempaka assemblyperson Iskandar Samad last Monday.

Iskandar said this after a briefing at the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) headquarters.

(Left to right) Iskandar briefing journalists as MPAJ deputy president Mohd Hazif Mohd Noor looks on.

Currently, the bottleneck at MRR2 here is caused by motorists making U-turns at the Pandan Indah interchange.

Soon, motorists will no longer be able to make U-turns there, but an implementation date has yet be be set.

Earlier, Public Works Department (JKR) engineers said that the Pandan Indah U-turn will be closed from Jan 22, but residents who attended the briefing objected.

Iskandar said that motorists should be given more time to get used to the new U-turn.

The new traffic pattern means that vehicles from Cheras to Pandan Indah or Jalan Cempaka will have to make U-turns at Tesco Ampang.

Similarly, motorists from Taman Shamelin to Cheras have to do U-turns at Tesco Ampang.

Meanwhile, vehicles from Ampang going to Pandan Jaya or Taman Shamelin will have to make U-turns at Sungai Kerayong.

Vehicles from Pandan Indah and Jalan Cempaka heading to Ampang will have to make U-turns at Sungai Kerayong.

The MRR2 upgrade works are worth RM104.5million and will be fully completed by Feb 21.